Home remedies for contact dermatitis

Contact Dermatitis can be a troublesome condition. Not only is it irritating if affecting the sensitive parts of your body, the itching ca...

Contact Dermatitis can be a troublesome condition. Not only is it irritating if affecting the sensitive parts of your body, the itching can get really bad enough to warrant instant solutions. Not always can you continue medication which has to be taken as per a prescribed dosage. This is where the benefits of home remedies come in. without any side effects, you can well ease your contact dermatitis by reducing the inflammation and most of all control itching. Here are some great home remedies for contact dermatitis.

1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is great for reducing both irritation and inflammation of contact dermatitis. In fact oatmeal is good for all types of rash especially the itchy ones. Oatmeal is an effective moisturizer for the skin too. A cup of oatmeal soaked in your bath water for 20 minutes makes a good home remedy for contact dermatitis. Repeat everyday till the condition subsides.

2. Indian Lilac (neem)

There are many ways to use Indian lilac or neem as it is known in India. The medicinal properties of neem not only help reduce the condition of contact dermatitis it stops the itching.
Boil neem leaves in water and allow the solution to col. Now add this to your bath water when bathing. Do this daily. The worst problem in contact dermatitis is itching which spreads and worsens the condition. Bathing with neem reduces the itching. If you’re up to it then brewing a tea from neem leaves and drinking the solution could well induce relief from itching and heal; the contact dermatitis from within.

3. Avoid Colored Briefs. Wear Only Cottons

If you are a prone to contact dermatitis in the extremities such as the groin then avoid wearing colored briefs as this could well irritate the skin. Always wear white cottons which are a neutral color. Similarly using a mild soap without any colored dye is recommended.

4. Calamine Lotion 

Calamine lotion applied to the affected area not only heals your contact dermatitis but controls itching. When purchasing a calamine lotion always ask for one which contains at least 1% cortisone which is a potent substance for itching and allergies.

5. Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Creams

Aloe vera creams like derma dew are excellent in moisturizing, soothing and healing any form of contact dermatitis. Always ensure the area is cleaned and the patted dry with a hygienic and clean towel. Both aloe Vera and vitamin e are powerful substances that benefit skin. While aloe moisturizes and regenerates, vitamin e is a popular anti oxidant that kills germs. You can apply aloe vera cream at night and the calamine during the day. Both are effective in managing your contact dermatitis.

6. Cold Compress

A cold compress help reduce the itching from contact dermatitis. The main problem contributing to the spread and infection of the disease is itching. If this is controlled, you’re on your way to recovery. Use a clean wet towel dipped in semi cold water and pats the area or keeps on for 5 to 10 minutes.

7. Control the Infection with Potassium Permanganate

Applying a tiny pinch of potassium permanganate to your bath water may make it purple in color but don’t be alarmed as it is perfectly safe to bathe with the colored liquid. However do not ingest the solution. Potassium permanganate helps reduce infection of contact dermatitis due to its anti inflammatory properties.

  • Tips to remember when you have contact dermatitis
  • Try not to itch
  • Avoid foods that may increase allergens
  • Wear only light cottons
  • Keep the area dry and free from sweat
  • Moisturize daily
  • For uncontrollable itching use hydrocortisone cream
  • For longer relief from itching take an oral OTC antihistamine (anti allergy pill) 
  • Be hygienic and bathe daily, disinfect your water with potassium permanganate.

Contact dermatitis is a lifestyle disease which can also be triggered by stress or improper diet. Always remember to get adequate sleep, distress yourself with anti stress remedies and practice a good routine of health and hygiene to control and reduce your contact dermatitis.


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